Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Sneaky, Sneaky Fat

Disappointingly, I've been reminded by some online articles that while you can burn fat, you can't get rid of fat cells unless you have liposuction of some similar process done. The fat cells shrink and release the fat they store, but they don't go away. They sit there....waiting....just waiting for you to slip up and eat too much so they can store your weakness as a constant future reminder.  Obviously it's a system that has worked well for our species through time, but when you're trying to lose weight, it's a bit disconcerting to know that they are out there lurking.

As we embark on our third and final month of Jenny Craig, I've broken through the 190 barrier and dropped to 188.7 this morning, a new low! That puts my loss at just over 19 pounds, but more importantly, it reinforces my desire to make it down to 185.  While being stuck at 190 for the better part of a week...or more, I was beginning to think that was it for weight loss unless I tried something knew. Looks like I'm back on the weight loss train though!! LL is doing even better than I am and has to be down 25 pounds plus now. Yay Team Sutton!!

Interestingly, this week, at least three people have asked me if I had gotten my haircut. I find this interesting because if you recall, I have very little hair to begin with! When I get my haircut, it's not like I'm going from some Fabio wannabe to a GI Joe action figure. I'm basically going from a mostly bald guy with a little bit of hair to a mostly bald guy with a little less hair. Why would people even guess "a hair cut" as something different about me?? Half the time I get it cut, LL doesn't even notice and she sees me every day!  Too funny.

Little Marissa is an adorable bundle, but that's nothing knew. She has been rolling over in her sleep though, ending up on her tummy, and is unable to roll back. She struggle for a while and then start crying when exhaustion sets in. If you're quick and quiet enough, you can turn her back over before she really even wakes up (even though she's crying!).  We're trying to teach her how to roll back over by bringing her knees up to her belly and using the weight of her butt to offset the weight of her noggin. She has a natural desire to pull her knees up (to crawl), but then shoots them back out instead of rolling. She'll get it eventually.

Today was Marissa's four month checkup, which means three shots and an oral vaccine. At her two month checkup, the vaccinations really hurt her and it was almost as hard on myself and LL to watch her cry with a look of betrayal. Today though, we each had our hands on her, caressing her and trying to keep her calm as the nurse did a very quick job of injecting our angel. She wailed right after the injections, but then calmed down fairly quickly due to an impromptu feeding from LL. Before we left the office Marissa was periodically smiling even. Such a trooper and a huge improvement over the two month checkup. Yay Marissa!!


Michael Podolny said...

Good for you and LL! Wife and I had our big drop a few years ago and ever since then have been pretty much stuck.

I'm very much looking forward to meeting Marissa in person :)

alexis said...

awwww, 4 months is an awesome age! I never thought of fat being sneaky.