Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday, Friday. Whatever.

Yesterday afternoon (early evening really), I headed up to the nearby suburb of Glencoe to go golfing with Billy the Bear (pictured in the middle). Other than it happening to me (it is my blog after all), you wouldn't think it very special and barely worth blogging about, but you'd be wrong. While I've been in many different kinds of leagues (softball, bowling, volleyball, co-ed football, etc), I've never actually been in a golf league (though I did belong to a country club for two years and did play regularly....hmmmm, I guess I should count that). Now, Billy and I are certainly not in a league by any stretch, but he has taken it upon himself to schedule Thursday evening golf for the last month or so and I've been fortunate enough to join him twice.

Not only is it fun, but it has become part of my routine and I think I enjoy it better than just going randomly when I can. The course we play is one I would play anyway since it's pretty decent and costs less than $50 with a cart. The company is excellent of course, with Bill, Smitty sometimes and hopefully Ricardo at some point.

Though nearly retired as I am, I'm sure I wouldn't lead the charge to schedule something like this every week. That Billy does it is great and I feel fortunate to be included in the group. It is good fun and I'm looking forward to playing more the rest of the summer. A nice side benefit is that with the round being scheduled, I play at least once a week. That means I'm actually practicing too and getting repititions in which leads me to playing better. Finally yesterday I started actually hitting some putts with the new putter I bought in the Spring. Three or four holes I drained my putt or a decent second putt and at least twice I had putts "lip out" (where the ball starts to dip into the cup and then rolls around the edge, changing direction and doesn't fall).

So kudos to Billy the Bear!

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terri said...

This is how I feel about my bowling league. I never would have joined on my own, but I'm so grateful I was "forced" into it.

However, after reading this, I miss golfing.