Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rare second day in a row post!

Just two topics today...okay three. There's a nasty storm system sweeping through the area so I'm hoping it doesn't interrupt my television viewing. What I'll be watching is topic two: the Blackhawks in game one of the Stanley Cup Final against the Bruins. Very excited!! Coach Q is moving Stalberg out of the lineup for the beefier Bollig to add a little toughness.  

The last topic is the real reason for the post: my morning weigh-in was 196, a new low for the diet and only one pound away from my 3 month goal weight. I'm down 12 pounds in the first month and now I'm shooting for a revised goal of 185.  We'll see how it goes!!

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terri said...

Go Hawks!

Congrats on the weight loss!