Monday, June 24, 2013

Hawks win Lord Stanley's Cup!!

What a great hockey game tonight and I almost missed it. There was a 40 and over softball game in Naperville tonight pitting our #2 team against the #3 team with the playoffs looming. I was going to have to make the sacrifice for the team and just record the game and watch it when I got home. Fortunately, a huge storm front swept through the area around 5:00, dropping tree limbs and knocking out power, so the game was called off and I got to stay home with LL and watch game 6 in Boston.

Boston struck first after unleashing a barrage of shots and hits, but as I told LL in game 5, if the home team only comes away with one goal after a period like that, it's going to be a tough row to hoe the rest of the way. In game 5, the Hawks went up 2-0 before winning 3-1. The Hawks tied it up in the second period on a great shot by captain Jonathon Toews. The third period came with another Boston barrage and a Boston goal with about 7 minutes left and it looked a little grim. We even got a power play, but pissed it away as we had most of our power plays this series.

Then with about 90 seconds left, we pulled the goalie to get the extra attacker. Instead of dumping the puck into the zone (and having Boston fire it right back out), Kane stick handled past three guys and put a shot on Rask, their goalie. It was kicked away to the corner, but now we had numbers. Duncan Keith dug it out, got it to Toews who passed it in front to Bickell and he buried it! We were all tied up!!! 17 seconds later, Oduya shot a rocket on net that was redirected by Frolik that went off the post and bounced to Dave Bolland who buried the game winner!! It was something else. Wow....what a game. Here's the video of the 17 seconds.

Marissa move to 3-0 in her Hawks sweater with the win today! Here's a picture of her from Saturday's game though first:

Here's a pic of her sitting up in her little chair.

And here is her Stanley Cup winning picture!!!  Way to go Marissa!!!

To celebrate, we opened up one of the six bottles of sauternes that ESDNM gave us for our wedding. It's truly a celebration for us. Personally, I watched every game this year either in person, live on TV or on DVR except for one, which had an unanticipated early start time on a Saturday. LL watched almost as many, missing very few.  We also went to 3 playoff games together and I went to a fourth with Bill the Bear. What a year!!!


alexis said...

yeah, sporting team success! Happy feelings.

And look at that fancy doo French wine. Hoity toity!

Michael Podolny said...

Hope the next bottle doesn't need the Cubs winning the Series :)