Saturday, June 22, 2013

Catching up.

 Almost another week has gone by! So much happened, but I'll try to hit the highlights. First, Bill the Bear and his wife Nadine stopped by to meet Marisa and had this wonderful hockey sweater (the appropriate term, not jersey) as one of their gifts. Outstanding.

Marissa wore it during the day before game four and the Hawks won! That means we have to have her wear before the next game as well.  The Hawks and Bruins are tied 2-2 after each team has won one game on the road. Game four ended up 6-5 in overtime in favor of the Hawks and was filled with anxious moments as the Hawks blew two two-goal leads. All five goals for the Bruins beat him glove side, which could pose a problem for the rest of the series....we'll see. Either way:

You may have to click on that pic to see the message.

Thursday was my first time back golfing with the boyz (Markakis and Smitty). Though we didn't tee off until 4:30, we were able to finish 18.  On 17, a par 5, I hit a GREAT drive. I mean a really great drive. It was one that the pros would hit: about 250+ with draw that moved it around a dogleg left and put it right in the middle of the fairway. Awesome. My second shot was going to be about 230 into the green. Using my hybrid, with Smitty standing next to me, I hit a laser that came down just to the right of the green. But as it landed, something popped up. Smitty said, "I think you hit something!" Yeah, I think I did. What the hell could it be. "It looked like a bird." Markakis then hit his second shot after hitting his first attempt into the trees (he wasn't sure he was going to be able to find it). As we walked to the green, here's what we saw: 

Yep, a dead robin. I plugged him right in the noggin. Because it was getting dark, he must not have seen it coming!! Markakis' ball is the second one in the picture, just a few feet away. It's possible that the bird was already dead, but it looked like a fresh kill. 

There's new art in the neighborhood. This piece replaced one of the giraffes that was on the corner. It's something at least!!


Michael Podolny said...

Can't comment on the street art until I see it in person.

Saw on the Audubon website that they've put a price on your head.

terri said...

Love the hockey "sweater!" I have a feeling Marissa will have her share of fan-wear.

alexis said...

the sweater is too adorable.

I can't believe you killed a robin! What would batman think?