Sunday, June 09, 2013

Hawks win!!

Only one new baby picture to add this week, but trust me, there were a lot more! Marissa is sleeping for 5-6 hours at a crack now, so getting better. The last few nights it's been 10 or 11 until 4:30, so we're working on getting both sides better (earlier to bed and later to rise).

The Blackhawks beat the LA Kings in 5 games to move on to the Stanley Cup Final against the Boston Bruins, another original six team. I went to the first game and Bill the Bear invited me last night for game 5 since his wife's bad back was acting up. The game went into double overtime and we won so it was a great time! After going up 2-0 in the game, the Hawks let the Kings tie it up 2-2. In the third period with about 5 minutes left though, the Hawks scored and the celebration was on. Unfortunately, they iced the puck with 14 seconds left and the Kings scored off the resulting face-off with only 9 seconds left in the game!! Patrick Kane scored his third of the game in the second overtime off a great pass from Toews for a hat trick. Lots of fun!!


Michael Podolny said...

What's better than the smell of your baby fresh from a bath, really :)

Bee said...

With her tongue like that, she kinda looks like you...;)

alexis said...

bundles of clean baby are the best!