Sunday, March 02, 2014

My favorite tree

There are so many Marissa topics to post about, but I'm taking a break to mention my favorite tree. I've included a picture below, so go ahead and check it out. Not much to look at when you think of the grandiose trees that line my street, fill the nearby parks and line the lake front. Nope, nothing too spectacular about it's size. It's also not a very pretty tree as you can clearly see (that was sort of Dr. Seuss-like), but it is winter after all and trees rarely look good in the winter. This one doesn't look all that great in the spring, summer or fall though either.

It's odd in a way, that I should even have a favorite tree, seeing as I'm allergic to them (as well as grass, mold, dust, dander, mites, horse hair and many other things). But I do have a favorite tree and this one is it. It's not near my house, which you think it would be, seeing as it's my favorite and all. But no, I have to drive there to see it....or more appropriately, hear it.

Yes, my favorite tree makes a noise. Actually, it makes noises while all other trees around don't. In the middle of winter, and all winter, as you can see in the picture, it has dead leaves still attached. No matter the wind gusts or snow accumulations or cold temps, my favorite tree clings to its leaves. But that hardly makes it extraordinary now does it? Many trees have leaves all winter. Well, maybe not many, but certainly some.

My favorite tree though happens to not only be one of those with leaves, but is also a tree I pass frequently in winter. Well, not as frequently as I would like truth be told, but often enough I guess. It's around the corner from my gym. In the summer I usually ride my bike and then don't pass the tree. But in winter, I drive the mile or so distance and usually park down the street from the tree, which is why I walk past it.

But I don't just walk past it, at least anymore. I stop underneath it for at least a few seconds, depending on just how cold it is. Even on the stillest of days, the leaves will rustle and take me back to the nicer days of the other seasons when all trees have leaves. Yes, my favorite tree with its dead, brown leaves, provides me a slight respite from the winter that surrounds it and me in that moment.

On top of all that, I then proceed to the gym to workout which for me, is a labor of love. My favorite tree reminds me of the good things to come.


Bee said...

Well said Joseph.

alexis said...

oh man, how poetic! We also love the changing sound of the wind through the trees.