Saturday, February 22, 2014

Marissa, Bears and a Cherry Picker

Life continues to be busy and promises to only get busier this summer. On top of my consulting work has been 4 more days of continuing education for real estate, several evening meetings and office training for real estate as well as actually helping some folks do some research on homes. It's all good, but very busy. Real estate will only get busier as the weather turns nicer (if it turns nicer!) and softball will be thrown in there as well. Don't forget spending time with LL and sweet Marissa. Oh, and our vacation to Puerto Rico is coming up at the end of March. There's a lot of stuff going on!

Marissa does or learns something new every day now. The other day she crawled across the room to where I was standing, pulled her self up on my leg, looked up at me and said "Up!" It was the cutest thing ever. She's getting better and animal noises and her repertoire now includes: dog, owl, snake, turtle, lion, sheep and monkey. I think that's all. She continues to eat well consuming everything from spinach and broccoli to yogurt to Cheerios to chicken. She's an equal opportunity eater. She now walks behind a little mower-like thing as well. See video:

Modeling her spring collection.

On the sad news side of things, I had my last Bears Season Ticket Holder Advisory Group meeting. The group meets six times a year and provides feedback to the Bears on everything from game day operations to marketing pieces. It's good fun, but your term only lasts two years. 
Newly remodeled Halas Hall. 

Yes, welcome us!

A typical breakout session; 8-10 of us around a table talking.

Our parting gift: a personalized game ball. That's going in the trophy case!

My last picture...which happens to be on the site of where I slipped and fell about a month earlier. Ha!

 ESDNM came into town to call on our clients last week. Though we've had a horrible winter, when he landed it was 48 degrees!! It literally had snowed 6 inches the night and morning of the day he arrived. The next day, more melting and more 40's. Then he left town in the rain and the cold moved in shortly thereafter. Here's a link to the restaurant we tried called Carriage House. Pretty good food. Not all was easy-peasy though. This cherry picker broke down and blocked our exit from my parking spot. We had to do our first meeting via conference call.  Later, I was able to go over a snow bank that the contractors shoveled out for cars to get by. It was a little strange.


terri said...

I just read de-I's detailed review of the restaurant. Sounds REALLY good!

Sorry to hear that your time on the advisory group is ending. I know you enjoyed it.

Marissa looks like such a happy baby!

alexis said...

I see blue sky in that picture though so you had a little respite.