Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Marissa!

It's late, so just pictures for now. Note to self: don't have Marissa open gifts first thing in the morning and she's not a big fan of cake. Interesting.....

She loves her balloon and in this cake picture I think is asking for "more" already through sign language. She didn't want "more" though. 

Looking a little tired with the bright flash.

Much happier moment from the day before.

Eating time is usually happy time!

I think she's pointing to herself saying "Me" which is what she does if you call out Marissa. Very cute.


alexis said...

oh my gosh, happy birthday beautiful girl! She looks so happy and so clever in all her pictures. Time goes by unbelievably fast, doesn't it?

Michael Podolny said...

I suspect her attitude toward cake will change by next year.

terri said...

Happy Birthday, Marissa! It's been so fun to follow along with her first year and see how much joy she has brought to your lives. What an adorable and beautiful girl she is!