Thursday, March 20, 2014

More pics

No time to post, so here are pics! Marissa's birthday party courtesy of LL's mom and dad.

This was cute because she was past her nap time and got a bunny as a gift. She immediately jammed her fingers in her mouth in preparation of sleeping. 

Dad is also having a birthday, Saturday actually, and so I got a few gifts as well. Marissa needed to check them out!

My folks.

Auntie Lori.

Aunt Bee.

Marissa LOVED the noisemakers. Sooooo excited. 

Studio shot one.

Studio shot two.

When LL and I were headed to the Hawks game.

Just love this devilish look. WHAT am I going to get into next.....bwah-ha-ha-ha!!!


alexis said...

oh man, happy birthday Marissa! How fast it goes. That is a super cute cake too btw.

terri said...

A year old already! Happy Birthday, Marissa! What a cutie. Love the owl themed birthday party. The cake is awesome!