Friday, April 04, 2014

Back from San Juan

The weather is still crap in Chicago, but it was nice to have a week in San Juan.  Unfortunately, as often is the case with vacations, I was super busy leading up to the trip and have work piled up now. So I'll try to tell the story with some pictures and maybe even a video:

Probably my favorite picture to date!

Perfect example of Marissa wobbling down the hall with that great look on her face.

She has gotten into cleaning....I guess that's good huh?

Seriously, cleaning and laundry.

Waiting expectantly for her aunt to come push her down the stairs (inside family joke).

The first picture of her walking down the aisle. Can't wait to break this out on her wedding day.

She loves eating and making a mess....guess it's good that she cleans.

Earlier on walking while holding cups. She walks much better now.

Identifying herself in a picture. So cute!!


Michael Podolny said...

She's is as cute as ever!

alexis said...

wow, she is cute! And getting so big.

Bee said...

OMG!!!!! what a sweetie!!! Bahahaha, awesome basket picture!!!

terri said...

There's a story behind that inside family joke. I'd love to hear it!

Marissa is SO cute! And send her to my house with those cleaning skills. I could use the help! (Seriously, someone must be setting a good example for her.)