Friday, January 03, 2014

Cold and snowy

There is so much that I want and need to do, but alas, we are stranded in DC with LL's wonderful sister and brother in law. Midway airport was closed down today, when we were supposed to fly out from BWI, so obviously our flight was cancelled. We are booked for tomorrow at 6:25 a.m. which no one is happy about, but it was either that or Sunday morning at the same time. Ugh. When we finally do get home, we'll be welcomed by anywhere from 12-18 inches of snow that will be turned to ice no doubt. Monday, the temperature is going to be -7 for a high. A HIGH!! It'll be warmer in Barrow Alaska.

No pics to post as I haven't figured out how to upload effeciently without my desktop. That's okay though. Lots of pics to come though rest assured.  Marissa met her cousin Aaron for the first time and we took a bunch of pics. Marissa is still a bit of a bull in a china shop when it comes to grabbving things, people, pets, whatever, but she means well.  Aaron is on an oxygen tube along with feeding tubes so there's lots of things for her to tug on that would cause problems.  All in all though, she was very good with him and had her first real up close experience with dogs. After being overwhelmed initially, she has taken to making a high pitched barking sound to identify the dogs when she sees them and always tries to touch them, however indelicately.  She was gleeful to realize that they would come running to her in her high chair if she were to drop food to them.

Congratulations to LL for winning the college football family competition, The Caipirinha Cup, named after the drink we down in copious amounts while watcing football games. Against the line she dominated with a 7-4 record, while her sister and I tied for second at 5-6 and her b-i-l garnered only two wins. On to the NFL challenge!!

I'm excited about many things for 2014. More on that in my next entry.


terri said...

Nothing worse than be stranded when you're just ready to go home. Safe travels. Looking forward to cute baby pics!

alexis said...

hopefully you're back home now! Chicago winters are brutal. I hope all the snow is happening now rather that in Feb though when I have to go for work.