Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Flu taking it's toll

As I've mentioned, I've been sick since before Thanksgiving (post-Vegas) but started a round of antibiotics that has seemed to give me the upper hand for the moment. Unfortunately, my father, for his 77th birthday, got a nasty stomach flu and has been laid up for the last few days. He seems to be feeling better now, but still not 100%.  LL's mother also came down with the flu over the weekend, exact same thing. Ugh. She's not 100% either, but is getting better, just in time to take care of her husband who has the same thing in a bad way.

As a result, we've pushed back our Christmas Eve celebration until after Christmas.  Hopefully the virus has been contained, otherwise tomorrow's celebration could be in danger as well. Being healthy is really important and it would be irresponsible parenting to put Marissa in harms way unnecessarily. That said, Marissa could be patient zero. She was sick with a stomach virus that caused her to vomit and gave her diarrhea, the main symptoms people have now. Though I thought I got her sick, my sickness had a fever, no vomiting and lasted 24 hours, while she was sick with vomiting and diarrhea for about a week.

Regardless, this will be a Christmas for the books!


alexis said...

oh my goodness, what bad luck! Thankfully your family is able to still meet on another date, and everyone will feel better in a week or two.

Michael Podolny said...

I remember a few years ago Alexis coming all the way from Amsterdam to have Christmas with us and both Wife and I coming down with influenza and being totally comatose while she was here (except for the day when she totaled Wife's car in a fender bender accident).

terri said...

This will definitely go down in your history as a memorable and different Christmas.But you're right to keep some distance until everyone is healthy. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.