Tuesday, December 10, 2013

One small crawl for baby, one giant leap for baby kind

Things have been really crazy since the night before Thanksgiving. We've had two days since then when we haven't had something scheduled at night. Our babysitter is VERY happy! Most of that is over now though, just a few more parties to attend. Not that I'm asking for any sympathy! We've been having a LOT of fun, except for the cold and hacking cough we've had since Vegas. Ugh.

Being first time parents, we tend to worry a bit unnecessarily, but I'm sure it's just normal. When Marissa wasn't eating solid foods, we worried. Were we going to have the only 10 year old still on breast milk? Well, no. In her own time, she has started eating everything from broccoli to turkey to oatmeal. So now that she's almost 9 months old (tomorrow!), we were concerned about her not crawling. She's been pulling herself up on stuff and rolling around, but no crawling. She'd get to her knees or we'd put her on her knees and then she'd just collapse to her tummy. We thought maybe she'd just go straight to walking. One trip down to LL's parents fixed that though. The first video was shot on Monday morning and the second on Tuesday morning.

And yes, I was indeed at the Bears game on Monday night against Dallas. It was very cold, 9 degrees at game time I think with a -11 wind chill, but I was prepared with proper attire. Over the last 10 years of going to games I think, I've had enough cold weather games that I prepare well. The only problem was that my snow pants from last year are now too big and kept falling down! I don't know how the youth of today walk around like that.....I just don't. 


Michael Podolny said...

Go Marissa! Hard to not worry as a parent.

alexis said...

omg, that kid is ridiculously cute. Our Munchkin also didn't really properly crawl until around that time, then she more or less jumped right into walking!

terri said...

Wow, look at her go! Crawling already! She sure did seem to get the hang of it between the first and second days.