Sunday, December 01, 2013

Being sick sucks

It was a tough week in the Sutton household as I caught a cold which started showing up on Tuesday night. Unfortunately for LL, when I'm sick, it's tough for me to sleep which means it's tough for her to sleep. She'd rather have me in bed and keeping her up than for her to sleep alone, but actually sleep. Not helping matters was a night before Thanksgiving outing with Ricardo, Bill the Bear, Smitty and their spouses. I was pretty tame, but it didn't help. Then, in the morning, I got up early to go play our annual Turkey Bowl game about 90 minutes away in Matteson.

Despite the cold weather and how I was feeling, my team prevailed taking my record to 6-1 in Turkey Bowls. We played 7 on 7, with flags, and it was a hoot. The final score was something like 36-24, but I'm not exactly sure. I threw for 3 touchdowns, led a fourth touchdown drive that was run in and we kept possession to run out the clock on the last drive. I did throw two picks, though one was a bad play by my receiver. For next year I need to remember the players to draft: James (Colston), Tony, Jonathan and then Doug. That was just some inside info!

Thanksgiving was at my parents' house in Naperville as usual and it was a great meal and good fun as always. Marissa was the highlight of course, as she should be. Everyone wanted to spend time holding her and playing with her. Who doesn't love a baby?

Her first piece of turkey.

LL took her out to the newly refurbished playground across the street the other day. She loves the swings and the other kids. 

Finally, last night my cold broke and I got about 9 hours of sleep.  LL has some sniffling this morning unfortunately, so we're trying to head it off. Maybe with me being able to sleep, she'll sleep and be able to fight it off. 


Michael Podolny said...

Zinc lozenges at the first sign of a cold.

You did sound terrible.

Bee said...

OMG!! look at those little toothies!!!!

terri said...

It's that time of year. Everyone has to take a turn with the winter cold.

No doubt Marissa was the highlight of the holiday. She's such a cutie!