Thursday, January 16, 2014

A little catch up

It's been crazy around here with only 3 days at home from our NYE trip before I headed to AZ for softball. We went 5-0 and won the tournament there and I was named to the all tournament team for hitting over .700. Not too shabby for 47. Instead of staying with the team (10 people in a house that sleeps 8), I stayed with some childhood friends who also lent me their car! It was great. I took them out to dinner on Friday as a thank you in advance.

Oh, and we got to play on Wrigley Field at Big League Dreams in Phoenix. Four of our five games were there. 

The big news though is Marissa's development this last month. She's gone from not being able to crawl two days before her 9 month birthday, to pulling herself up at will by her 10 month birthday. She stands, sometimes unaided, for as long as she wants, which is usually dependent on how long it takes her to get into something she shouldn't be getting into.

She's also making various animal noises when you ask her "what does a ........say?". She can do lion, dog, snake (really!) and turtle. Yeah, that last one is a bit odd, but there's a story behind it. LL's parents have a picture of a turtle eating leafs which they took down in the Galapagos. So when they were showing her the picture they made a chewing motion with their mouths and Marissa does the same. It's adorable.

Marissa was a pretty good traveler, despite two 4 a.m. wake up calls. 

She loves to play on the table that Joisey Ken gave her for Christmas!

And here is Marissa with her cousin Aaron. 


Bee said...

Um... isn't that the table her favorite Auntie gave her for Christmas?

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Different table actually, but yes, there's one from Auntie Bee too. :-)

alexis said...

awwww, she really is a cutie!

terri said...

Congrats on your softball success! Wasn't it your shoulder that slowed you down last year? Maybe it was fixed up so well, you're now like the bionic man and hitting better than ever!

That's impressive that Marissa has gone from being immobile to crawling and standing so confidently in such a short time. Look out... as soon as she really starts walking, she'll be running! And so will you!

Michael Podolny said...

Must be the bliss of home life that is driving your renewed softball success.