Friday, October 25, 2013

Some vindication

The cold that LL and possibly Marissa had has finally made it's way to me. I hate having a cold. You can't sleep, can't breathe, can't workout.....basically tough to do anything and you feel run down on top of it all. Ugh. But this too shall pass with sleep and plenty of fluids. Fortunately it came during a Bears bye week so it won't impact tailgating. Have to be positive!!

Michael Wilbon, a sports writer and TV personality, offered two improvements/predictions to the NFL last week, both of which I've been espousing for some time. The first was if the NFL insists on keeping games on Thursdays, they have to lengthen the season and give teams a bye week before the Thursday game. Playing two games in 4 days is just not sustainable. Which lead into his second idea: moving the Super Bowl to Presidents Day weekend so that at least some people will have Monday off. Now, I haven't been saying that exactly, but I have long wanted to move the Super Bowl to Saturday. It just makes so much more sense!! There are no college games to compete with at that time, so just get it done. It was nice to hear someone with a voice throwing support my way, even if he didn't know it.

As I looked back on my blog from years past, I noted how much better I used to write. My postings were much more interesting and the writing not as choppy. It's partially a function of having time to write and other commitments. Instead of being unhappy about my current writing ability and quantity of entries though, I'm thankful I wrote what I could when I could as I'll have plenty of entries to revisit.

Regarding my real estate venture, I've started interviewing firms to see which might be the best fit for me. My buddy Joe DeMarco created a firm with a friend and they are the front runner now as they seem to get where I'm coming from with getting into real estate. I need to talk to a few more places though just to make sure it's a really good fit in comparison.

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alexis said...

I wouldn't worry about posts the first couple years of your kid(s)' life! We are just happy to get news.