Monday, October 28, 2013

New Halls: mine and Halas

Last week I had another Season Ticket Holder Advisory Group meeting. They moved the meetings back up to the newly renovated Halas Hall from Soldier Field where we were relocated to for the last few bi-monthly meetings.  They did some really nice things to Halas Hall, but no plan exists for tours and such, which seems pretty important in my mind. They do have the ability now to host events though, including events in a room with a glass wall that looks out onto the practice fields. Pretty cool. Here are some pics.

Those two pics are you first see upon getting to the campus and both are new.

Inside, you'll see this 1963 championship trophy (pre Super Bowl). Note that the trophy was bought by the city and presented to the Bears. No official trophy existed at that time. 

Here's the Lombardi Trophy from the 1986 Super Bowl.

Inside the foyer, you'll see this display. 

This wall, there are actually three of these, are interactive touch screens. You can do just about anything with these walls. It's really, really cool! 

Here's the electronic agenda and visitor schedule inside the front door.

All the retired numbers, except Ditka, #89, the last number retired. We were told it would be up soon.

Helmets lined up in division. Here's the AFC.

And here's the NFC, sans one team. Hmmm, what team is missing? Hint: it's an obvious choice!

There was a big mural of a Bears helmet made up of a ton of individual pictures. One of them was this picture that caught my eye.  Name that player? Also, tell me why he deserved to be up on the wall because it didn't make any sense to me!

Here I am at the new podium firing the current President, Ted Phillips. Long story as to why I was saying that the time, but it was funny.

Two more pics of me at the podium. Good stuff.

LL and I picked out some pictures to hang in the hallway in some new frames. Here you can see all 5 frames and where they are in the hallway. 

 Here's a close up of the first two. One picture for each month for Marissa, with some good pics at rounding out the year. 

And here are the other three pics, all black and white. We were very happy with how they turned out!


Michael Podolny said...

Now if only the Bears could actually field a complete team!

terri said...

Pretty cool stuff at Halas Hall. My knowledge of football is sadly lacking though, so I can't answer your questions!

The pictures at home are great. Very nice, elegant touch with the black and white.