Friday, October 11, 2013

If I can't read blogs....

...I can at least update mine! Baby Marissa turned 7 months today. Such a little angel! We love her so much!

LL has been trying to teach Marissa to clap. Here's the video of the results. 

Thursday night was the Bears game against the Giants and a 4 hour tailgate beforehand. Always good fun. LL was supposed to be out of town, so I had given her ticket away when her trip got cancelled. She was going to DC to watch our nephew while his parents got a much needed long weekend away. Unfortunately, he got sick and ended up briefly in the hospital, but long enough to cancel the trip. 

Left to right is: Sausage, Forrest, Mender, Dolemite, Carlson, me and Whit. Good fun!


terri said...

Well, I for one will never get tired of the adorable baby pictures. Whenever I get a chance to hold a baby, Mark always says I'm getting my baby fix. Babies are just so fun! Their faces express every emotion so fully and they haven't yet learned all the nasty habits we people grow up to have. They're just so pure, innocent and adorable.

7 months already? Where does the time go?

Michael Podolny said...

4 hour tailgate! It's amazing you were sober enough to get to your seat!