Monday, September 02, 2013

Why so few entries?

Time has always been a precious commodity, but it seems like lately it's even more so. Especially the last two weeks as I have been preparing for Marissa's baptism and for the real estate class that I'm currently taking. Actually, I didn't prepare much for the class, it's just the actual TAKING of the class last week that ate up time. And much more time than I thought.

I'm taking the accelerated 2 week course where you go 3 1/2 hours a day, in the morning, and then you have to pass the class final exam at the end. That qualifies you to take the state exam. Pass that AND find someone to hire you and you're a real estate agent, certified to sell commercial or residential real estate in Illinois (as well as some surrounding states with whom Illinois has reciprocity). What I didn't plan on though was how intense the class is and the shear volume of material needed to be learned. Hence going to softball on Wednesday night put me behind. Going to the Bears game on Thursday night put me behind.....and didn't do much for my ability to take the mid-term exam on Friday morning. However, I'm all caught up now though, thanks to selling my Saturday Cubs tickets on Stubhub.

When I realized how much studying was going to be involved, it was too late to cancel on my softball buddies and leave them shorthanded. This week though, I've cancelled in advance so they aren't counting on me showing up. I've also already put my Wednesday afternoon tickets on Stubhub and decided it wouldn't be prudent to play softball NEXT Saturday when I have to prepare for the Bears tailgate and game on Sunday morning as well as study for my final exam which is Monday morning. Oh, and did I mention I also had one fantasy football draft this week and another one tomorrow night? Or than I went to dinner at Girl and the Goat on Saturday night? Or that I'm going up to Halas Hall for a Bears radio show and general festivities event tonight? No? Well, THAT'S why I haven't been able to write much. More to come soon I hope though including a review of Girl and the Goat, run by ex-Scylla chef/owner and Top Chef winner, Stephanie Izard.


terri said...

I always wonder where you find enough time to do all the things you do, especially now that Marissa is in your lives. Good luck on the exam!

Michael Podolny said...

Very interested in your Girl and the Goat review (as I thought that type of uber popular place was never on your radar screen).

alexis said...

and why deciding to become a real estate agent??

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Good question Alexis. Just another way to help people/clients/friends and family. Based on my class and discussions with people, there are a lot of R/E agents who aren't worth a crap and only in it for the money.