Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blogspot issues

The storm seems to be over....for now! As you know, my real estate training class has been every morning for the last two weeks and with the studying on top of that and the occasional social event, there hasn't been any time to write or read a blog. The studying paid off though as I got the highest score in the class (of 40 or so) on the mid term with a 94% and scored a 97% on the final exam (not sure if that was the highest or not).  Anyway, next up is the State exam.  Joisey Ken is coming into town on Friday, so I'm thinking the week of the 23rd will be good. Lots of time to study and a nice break until then.
Sweet baby Marissa continues her reign of awesomeness. She now can roll over from stomach to her back almost anytime she wants. She loves to sit up and reach for things (the object of which mostly ends up in her mouth).  Today LL took her to Joliet early for the day and I didn't get to see her before they left. Apparently she was saying "Da-da?" the whole way there. Awwwwwwwwwwww, just broke my heart. I'll hug her extra tonight. 
Here she is in one of her Bears onesies.
And speaking of Bears, it was opening day and a home game! It was by far the biggest tailgate I've had, at least on the grill was: egg McMuffin sandwiches, sausage links rolled in croissants, bacon wrapped figs and dates, ribs, hamburgers, Andouille brats, veal brats cheddar brats, hotdogs, filet mignon steaks, salmon, veggies, Hawaiian bread sandwiches and then we had taco dip, guacamole, chips, some kind of crack disguised as graham crackers with shaved almonds and honey, bloody Mary's and beer. It was unbelievable. Gar, the guy who sits in front of us, brought his posse as normal AND a DJ!! Yep, spinning tunes right there in the parking deck. It was "off the hook" as the kids say. We had a good crowd of folks too, including my buddies Tom and Dave who bought the seats next to me, Blind Mender, Benny Baseball, Eric, Jimmy and his wife (I played ball with Jimmy a few years ago). Then the Bears come back from a 21-10 deficit to win!!

 One of the social events I attended was the first Bears "welcome back to football" concert. Being on the season ticket holder advisory group, I was given two VIP passes. Little did I know what that all meant. They actually said we had two free passes, but didn't mention VIP passes. We were in the balcony of the Aragon Ballroom with free drinks and food, rubbing elbows with the likes of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, President Ted Phillips, Safety Chris Conte, announcers Jeff Joniak and Tom Thayer to mention a few. Good times!!

And surprise surprise, it was another Bears event earlier in the week that distracted me. Benny Baseball joined me at the Walter Payton Center at Halas Hall for a radio show with the Bears GM, head coach and President. We also saw the CEO, George McCaskey, pictured below.
Back to pictures of our angel!! Here she is in her padded shopping cart cushion.
And her she is at her first Cubs game! She made it about 6 innings or so before we thought it best to leave. She didn't melt down, but it looked like it was coming. She was a trooper though and with the Cubs sucking so much, we had plenty of room around us.

On the way home from Starbucks, I took this picture. It was just there on the tree by the sidewalk in the middle of the morning. Pretty cool.

 Finally, I had to write this using the Explorer browser since accessing the blog from Chrome is giving me problems. For some reason it won't let me access the writing portion as it won't let me log in. Not sure why. I've cleared my cache and my history and nothing seems to work. I've logged out of all of my devices that were logged in...still nothing. Oddly, I CAN access the blog on my phone or second computer, but not my desktop.


alexis said...

wow, that is a busy week. I can't wait to hear about your adventures in real estate! My own career was remarkable only in how short it was.

terri said...

Marissa just gets cuter and cuter as she grows up! Sounds like she's hitting that really fun stage where she's learning in leaps and bounds and her personality is just blossoming.

Congratulations on your test scores! All that studying is definitely paying off.

Michael Podolny said...

I see Marissa made to the Cubs but not the Bears. I love the whole period from around 5 months until they hit the terrible 2's (which is actually into the 3's).