Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend of Joisey Ken!

Many more Blogspot issues with signing on and such, but trying to deal with them. What a time waster!!

Joisey Ken came into town on Friday and we went straight to the golf course.  The two courses we played this time (one Friday and one Saturday) were very nice and the weather was great. The Glen Club was the first course up, which was pretty nice and near the airport. We had a forecaddie who, though in AA and 28, did a good job. Next time though maybe we won't need a forecaddie, since we'll have played the course before. Brandon did a good job for us though. Friday night we had some Pequod's pizza, which LL and I think is the best pizza in town.

On Saturday, we headed out to Naperville after a slow start to the day and played Cantigny Golf Club, another relatively expensive but really nice course. We had fun despite our 13 year old forecaddie who was absolutely terrible. It's not easy to screw up being a forecaddie, but this kid managed. Not only did he rarely actually track our shots, he couldn't read a putt to save his life. Fortunately Ken restrained me from verbally abusing him too bad. Ha! The course, weather and company were awesome though. Interestingly, when Ken lit up his cigar (both days), he lit up his game! The two days combined, on the 12 holes following the cigar lighting, Ken ended up 1 over par I think. Pretty awesome!

Joisey Ken getting his hugs in.

It rained on Sunday, so our tailgate was a little wet. The Bears have told me that we can't put up canopies during tailgating, so I didn't bring mine and then what happens? There were about two dozen of them set up on our deck alone and hundreds of them in the South Lot. Ticked me off. Great food again this week, but the rain costs us the post game tailgating. We went home instead and used the grill on my back porch to finish the job. Oh, and the Bears moved to 2-0 by winning 31-30 on a winning touchdown with 10 seconds left. Sweet!!!
Lots of Marissa pictures on the way.

Marissa had her Bears gear on again. 2-0 baby!!

Stop taking pictures of me mama!!
9/11 was her 6 month birthday!!

On Thursday, just before Ken came to town, LL and I got a babysitter and headed out for dinner and to see Kevin James do standup downtown at The Chicago Theater.  We had an outstanding meal!! The short ribs were amazing and we had plantains on the side. Yum!


alexis said...

love all the pictures of Marissa and LL. What is a caddie versus a forecaddie?

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Good question Alexis. A caddie will carry your clubs, so they have to stay near you. A forecaddie runs ahead of you and watches for where the ball lands so you don't have to look around for it. They still rake the traps and help you line up putts and things, but they don't carry your clubs. Slightly easier job, especially when it's very warm out!

terri said...

I had never heard of a forecaddie before either. Interesting! So even at 13 years old, it seems that if you're hired for such a job, you should have an idea of what to do! It must have been frustrating that the kid did such a terrible job, but he obviously wasn't trained very well.

Cute pictures of Marissa. I love the one where she's sticking out her tongue!