Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Finally Posting Again!

Once again it's been far too long since I last wrote. Lots going on around here with catching up after Joisey Ken's visit. Last week I had the Bears game on Sunday, the Blackhawks on Thursday and the Cubs on Friday. Whew, that's a lot even for me. On top of that, Friday night we took Marissa to a Andy's (AKA Sausage) birthday party at a bar downtown. We knew we were pushing it a bit and we were as Marissa only lasted about an hour and then LL had to take her home. I stuck around and took the bus as planned, but we both got dinner first. It was a nice effort. Then we had brunch at a friend's house on Saturday morning and met other friends out on Sunday for brunch. Just a lot going on. 

Toss in there a thunderstorm that somehow knocked out my internet access (or at least made it sporadic) and it's been a long 10 days. Tomorrow the floors in the kitchen and dining room are being refinished, so it's off to Joliet and the inlaws for us. LL went there last night and I'll follow later today. Here's hoping it goes smoothly!!!

Marissa donning her cheerleader outfit on game day! 

The young lady at her second Cubs game. She was quite the hit as always.

I just love this coat. It's one of the best things about fall now, next to the 3-0 Bears!!


Michael Podolny said...

I'm sure that the Bears success is all the result of the Marissa good luck charm!

terri said...

Well you certainly haven't let having a baby slow you down much! And that's a good thing! Love Marissa's little jacket. So cute!