Saturday, May 11, 2013

The last ten

They say the last 10 pounds are the hardest to lose, but what if you're only trying to lose 10 pounds? Are you in for a long journey? Last week, before LL's sister Linda came to town, LL and I decided it was time to diet and lose our baby fat. Yep, I gained weight as well, probably due to the combination of sleeping erratically and LL being home so I could cook for some lack of restraint on my part. So LL wanted to do Jenny Craig to jump start our diets and I agreed. It's not cheap, like $100 a week per person for food, but they do teach you portion control and what you really NEED to get by in a day. Unfortunately, though their sodium levels are heart healthy and following the RDA, they are still way more than I ingest on a daily basis. That has caused my ear to ring a bit and I have to be careful.  To that end, I've started cooking some of my own small portion, low sodium, high protein breakfasts. So far, I'm down 3+ pounds (looking to lose 13) and LL is down 5. It's a good start!

Now for the pictures of Marissa! Happy two month birthday little Sweety!!!

This was at the doctors office on Friday when Marissa was getting her first set of shots. How gut wrenching! She was sitting there all nice, sweet, relaxed and WHAM!! Here come the three shots and the wailing and, for the first time, actual tears. Ugh. So tough to watch.

On the plus side, LL was so smart to bring a bottle of milk and was able to calm her down a bit with it after the nurse was done. Later on, at home, poor Marissa would be sleeping in our arms and would periodically let out a wail, like she was dreaming about the shots. So hard to see. She seems much better today though and hopefully still trusts us to look out for her best interest.


Bee said...

Yikes!What a scary and complex set of feelings babies can induce in parents! Though I suspect, when she is about 20 and understands immunizations, she will forgive you! ;)

alexis said...

so sweet! 2 months is hardly anything! If LL only has 10 lbs to lose she's doing great! It will not take any time at all. It's probably a lot of water and blood still in the system.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Oh, it's actually me who is working on the 10 pounds. LL won't disclose her goals.

terri said...

Love the two-month photos! Marissa is beginning to show her personality!

I remember taking the kids for shots when they were babies and what a horrible feeling it was to watch them suffer the pain of those shots. Just gotta keep reminding yourself that it's for the best.

Good luck with the weight loss. Keeping routine is not easy with a baby Marissa's age. It's all about HER routine.

Michael Podolny said...

She will be totally trusting until such time as you tell her your curfew for her at age 12.