Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Another week passes

Little Marissa is now 8 weeks old which means....very little is different actually from last week. Ha! She's growing, though I don't have exact numbers right now. Friday we have her next pediatric appointment, so we'll know more details then. Until then, how about another cute pic?

This weekend, Marissa's aunt Linda came to visit which was a real treat. I hadn't seen her in over a year, which is really unfortunate. She had a baby as well and due to being born very pre-maturely, she hasn't been able to leave his care for long. Her boy is growing nicely though and she was able to make a trip out for the weekend. 

There they are! Linda really helped out while she was here, a much appreciated break.

Saturday I was able to go play softball in Rockford, which is always fun of course. Though it was an early morning (left before 7) the schedule allowed me to be home by 6 or so. Since it was a 90 minute drive, that's not bad. We played four games and there was some excitement in game three. We were tied in the bottom of the 7th and with two outs and runners on second and third, the opposition (several of whom had been my teammates) decided to walk the guy ahead of me to load the bases thinking they could get me out. Fortunately, they were wrong as I hit a ball hard up the middle. The pitcher slowed it down a bit and it looked like the extra infielder was going to make a play on me when the ball hit second base and shot into right field. The winning run scored and we moved on. Unfortunately we lost the next game, so the victory was short lived.

Since some people would attribute my hit to "luck", I decided to call my buddy Markakis whom I had seen on FaceBook was somewhere betting on the Kentucky Derby and place a bet. The bet was Orb and Revolutionary in an exacted (need to finish 1 and 2). It was close, but they finished first and third. Arrrrgggghhhhh! Guess my luck ran out.

Take a look at this picture. Pretty crazy huh? That's an electrical wire coming out of a bottle of Sunny Delight. It was part of a 12 pack I think, so my mother didn't notice it when she put it in a cooler and it leaked all over. The company has been contacted and we're hoping my folks get something good out of it.

Crazy. That wire is underneath the original cap! Someone must have been working on the electrical system above the cap screwing machine and just let the wire drop.

About 30 seconds before I took this screen shot, the 64 degrees read 70 degrees. Note the time. Note the temp. Note what the temp is supposed to be in 10 minutes. Well, it was already at 57 and when I checked it without the hourly detail and saw that it was still 70 degrees, I went outside with insufficient clothing to pick up some food. Fortunately it wasn't far, but I was still pissed.

Copied this off of Facebook. Funny.


terri said...

Cute pics are always appreciated!

Way to go with your big hit, even if victory was short-lived.

alexis said...

love the Marissa hat!