Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So busy....and tired!

Lots going on around the Sutton household with work, softball, parties.....oh yeah, and the baby! Last weekend was Mother's Day (some pictures below) and this weekend two friends of ours from Ann Arbor came into town for the NRA show. The OTHER NRA show: the National Restaurant show. They were here from Friday until just a few hours ago and we had a good time! They got us passes to go to the show, which we used yesterday, and they got us into an after hour party on Sunday night with free booze and appetizers. It started at 9 and went until midnight, so we got a babysitter from my Starbucks (she used to be a nanny) and out we went!

There were a TON of people, as you might imagine. Here's about half the line we waited in since we got there a few minutes before 9. It actually moved quickly thankfully. Oh, and one of the best things about the night is that I got to park across the street for free! In downtown Chicago!!!

They had a "red carpet" photograph experience. Kind of fun.

They had free sun glasses that fold up...and did I mention free booze?

 A lot of free booze.

So this event was Sunday. On Friday, the four of us went out to dinner. Neither LL nor I gained any weight that night! Saturday was a softball day for me and then dinner with Smitty for his 40th birthday. LL stayed home with our guests and Marissa while I raced from the softball field in Kankakee at 6:00 to home to shower to the restaurant by 7:30 for the party. If I could have found parking quickly, I would have been on time!!

Smitty and his wife Beth. There were 12 of us and it was a hoot. Smitty provided all the wine at the BYOB restaurant, Caromio. The food was pretty good and we hit a bar afterwards. Once again, I did not gain weight! The party up above though on Sunday cost me a pound and a half.

Tuesday morning though, after softball on Monday night, I reached a new low in weight! Still only about 5 pounds lost or so, but it's progress.

Now for some baby pics!!

Her shirt her says "I melt my daddy's heart". Awwwww!

Mom and dad on Mother's Day! Thanks for smiling pops!

Bee holding Marissa....very carefully. She'll get better. :-)


Michael Podolny said...

No weight gained? That's crazy. Good to see you getting out and living even with the baby.

alexis said...

oh my goodness is that red hair I see?

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

You know, sometimes her hair does look a little red. Crazy as we have no redheads in our families. Time for a paternity test!!!

terri said...

You've had a ton of fun stuff going on! I don't know how you keep up!

Marissa is growing up so fast! She's adorable, as always.

Bee said...

OH MY GAWD!!!! Your FATHER had red hair as a child you goof!