Friday, April 12, 2013

Sleep? What's that?

This week LL read up on all things baby feedings and sleeping. She continues to bear the brunt of the late night/early morning feedings, though I did have a few of the 2-4/3-5 a.m. shifts this week. Last night in particular was tiring for LL as she was up just about every hour or 90 minutes unfortunately. So this morning, having slept relatively well (though I do wake up when LL gets out of bed), I took care of Marissa from 8-12 or so, while LL slept and relaxed.

Anyway, the reading was about trying to get Marissa into a good routine now and how to go about doing it. The first month is pretty much "baby cries, you react" but now we should be able to start instilling some structure and get her to sleep at night a little more. The first night we tried all of the tips, she slept for 4 hours and then 3 hours. Night 2 was decidedly less successful though. A work in progress!

 Daddy's little Sweetheart!

I love this monkey outfit. Sooo cute.

On the rat front, it appears the poison was not as successful as I had thought. Most of the holes have reappeared and seem to be active. As important, they don't seem to be eating the poison now. Crap.


terri said...

Those sleepless nights are so exhausting. Fortunately, it's a relatively short time in their lives before they start sleeping for longer stretches of time.

Love the outfits! Marissa's a little fashionista!

alexis said...

omg, I think you guys are doing great! It's so tough in the beginning but then it goes by so quickly you forget about it before you know it. Ultimately there are very few adults who don't sleep through the night! Just remember all those tricks work for some babies but not all. And the kid will constantly change - what worked before will mysteriously stop working the next day!