Monday, April 22, 2013

No interesting title

It's been another crazy week at the Sutton household, but it ended on various positive notes. Saturday night, LL and I were able to step out to the Blackhawks game as well as grabbing dinner before.  LL's parents came out on Saturday and spent the night. Sunday morning, LL and her mom were going to a friend's christening and I had a softball tournament, so LL's dad took over babysitting duty. All went well! We went 4-0 in the tournament to top it all off. Good fun. 

Second row in the 300 level. Great seats! Hawks lost in a shootout. Bah.

Now for the Marissa pictures!

I think this is my favorite set of pj's for her. Very cute.

Look at that sly look! What is she planning??

Super cute outfit!

Pondering what she'll do today. "Maybe I'll sleep a bit, possibly get some crying in, eat a bunch and then stay up all night!"


Bee said...

LOL!!! Glad you got a night out! and ohmy Lord she is adorable!

terri said...

You're managing to get out and still have an adult life. That's good!

Look at how full of expression Marissa's face is! I love seeing her pictures. You can see her personality developing through them. Such a cutie!

Michael Podolny said...

It's nice to have family that can give you a break. We always were a long way from anybody when our kids were growing up.

alexis said...

lol, that's what they all look like they're thinking about, isn't it?