Monday, April 08, 2013

Four weeks or one month?

A short break from the baby talk to update you on the rat activity in Basra. The rats seemed to be held at bay all winter, but then they flourished in the span of a week going from one rat hole opening to about 8. Not wanting to be dragging rat traps through the house with the baby around (just being ultra, ultra conservative) I opted to buy some poison from Home Depot. They had packs that you don't even unwrap. You just put them in the holes and the rats will eat through the soft packaging to get to the bait. All the packets were taken into the holes, so I'm guessing the rats were feasting. The next day, the landscapers came and filled in the holes. Only two reopened, meaning the rats using the other holes probably died. So then I brought out a new T-Rex to kill the remaining rat or two. On the first night, BANG, nailed a big honking rat. Clearly this one had been around for a while. I put more poison out in the second hole as well as reloading T-Rex. I'm going for the clean sweep!!

Today was Marissa's four week birthday. Was it her one month birthday? I guess it depends on how you define a month. A month can have 28, 29, 30 or 31 days, so it's a little crazy when you think about it. A week is a week. She was born on the 11th, which was four weeks ago today. We decided that it was her one month birthday.

 Thanks to Kleveland Kim for the monthly stickers to use in pictures. Very fun.
 I couldn't get a smile out of her, but she's cute anyway. Last night was actually a tough night where Marissa didn't sleep much and then didn't sleep much during the day (this newborns sleep 20 hours a day nonsense is BS).

Marissa, your one month birthday was the Cubs home opener, which they lost 7-4 to the Brewers after a bases loaded two out shot by Castro in the bottom of the ninth was caught on the warning track after the wind changed directions from blowing out the first half of the game to blowing in the last few innings. It was a beautiful albeit windy day with temps easily in the 60's.

Your birthday also saw the passing of Margaret Thatcher and Annette Funicello. Two woman who were on opposite ends of the attractiveness spectrum and were both great in their own way.


Bee said...

The Iron Lady was a HOTTIE!!!!! I can't wait to see how embarassed Marissa is at 17 when we all whip these pics out...hehehe

Bee said...

oh and don't forget Roger Ebert and Richard Griffiths too...Uncle Vernon is gone...

Anonymous said...

Mark would like to take care of the squirrels the way you take care of the rats. But we won't let him.

Marissa is one month already? Hard to believe! Happy One-Month birthday, Marissa!

alexis said...

she is a cutie smiling or not. Happy 1 mo birthday!