Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Update time

Thought I'd shoot everyone an update on our status based on our visit to LL's doctor yesterday. First though, while I have your attention, MY back is doing better. Seems like the ibuprofen is working at keeping the inflammation down and allowing me to walk and such. I'm at about 85% now, can't go to the gym yet most likely, but can lift things and go up and down stairs as needed.

On to LL's status! We went to the doc and her blood pressure was elevated, but okay, so no need to induce. The doc wants her to come back on Friday and was thinking he'd send her over to the hospital to be induced then. I raised some objections though as there is a risk of having to get a c-section if you induce (about 40%).  If you don't induce though, there's a chance of a stroke for the mother as she goes further along with high blood pressure. Still, with the higher risk of a c-section, we're going to hold out til Monday if possible at which point she'll be 39 weeks.

Here are some pictures! Everyone has said to take pictures now as it will never be this clean/tidy again! So here we go.

The owl picture is a new addition.

Changing station!

Look at the expert hanging of those handmade pictures! Pics courtesy of LL's mom. She did a great job.

Even the closet seems somewhat organized. Nice.

A picture from another day which shows another angle.


Michael Podolny said...

Always a lot of stress Joe as you're counting down until the actual hang in there.

The room really is lovely.

alexis said...

you guys are so ready!! Induction or natural, it'll go fine.