Saturday, March 09, 2013

The first rule of go bag? Never talk about go bag.

If you have a kid, you probably know of the "go bag" reference. It's the bag you have prepared in case labor starts early and you have to race to the hospital. If you know the movie Fight Club as well, then the title might make SOME sense to you. Mostly it's just something that LL and I say to each other and for some reason it cracks us up.

But we are scheduled to go to the hospital on Sunday night at 8:30, so even though we have our go bags, they are more like well packed suitcases. The current schedule is to check into the hospital at 8:30 and at some point in the evening, have a cervical ripening balloon, or CRB, inserted and pitocin will be administered in a low dose. That will help prepare for labor. After 6 hours or so, early in the morning on Monday, the pitocin will be stepped up and hopefully labor will be induced. It could take 12-24 hours though.

Soooo, sometime Monday or Tuesday early, we should a little baby girl in our hands! God willing!

Friday night, being a Friday in Lent, we went out for sushi. Tonight we're going to our favorite Italian place, Sapori Trattoria. Tomorrow, we'll probably just cook something at home and watch the start of the Blackhawks game before taking a cab over. Since we'll be there until Wednesday morning, there's no need to drive down and pay for downtown parking for 2 1/2 days. We'll use the saved parking money on a celebratory dinner!


alexis said...

oh my goodness, good luck you guys! When you read this comment perhaps you will be parents!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Nope, not yet. Thanks though!

terri said...

Oh wow! As I'm reading this, I'm realizing you're now at the hospital and waiting for your baby girl to arrive. Congratulations!

Michael Podolny said...

I post this comment with things having already happened but won't spoil your announcement post :)