Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Pics

It was an early morning with mass at 7:45 and sleeping little between 1 and 5 a.m.  That meant both LL and I were pretty beat when headed out to Naperville to see my folks. Somehow we caught our second wind though and had a very nice day. Little Marissa was introduced to her auntie Bee and uncle Ray for the first time. Marissa was born on the day that auntie Bee started her new job, so it was a very good day for Bee!

Aunt Lori holding a very happy baby.

Bee holding Marissa. It was a tentative situation at best at first, but they both seemed to settle in after a few minutes.

Grandma Sutton holding a very sleepy Marissa.

And grandpa Sutton doing the same!

First Easter cake for Marissa!! It was pretty tasty too.

Naperville Greg came through with a replacement hinge, which I installed yesterday. The last piece of the puzzle in the baby's room.


Bee said...

I think she knew I was wigging out and once I felt a little more comfortable, she did too...babies are like that, they can smell fear...

Michael Podolny said...

Very much looking forward to holding Marissa myself. I think I posted that the last time you had pictures :)

terri said...

This brings back memories. Easter was my oldest son's first holiday as well. Of course, that was way back... 24 years ago. I remember how overwhelming it was to leave the house for the first time for something more than a quick errand with a baby and diaper bag and car seat and bottles, etc. etc.

Looks like everyone got some baby time in with Marissa and she seems to have handled it all really well.