Sunday, September 14, 2014

Finally an update

Well, too much time has passed so I thought I should try to keep up the online journal.

Marissa just turned 18 months on the 11th. What a cutie pie she is. At her checkup she was finally talking to the doctor. At home, she talks up a storm. In front of strangers, not so much. The doc was pretty impressed with her ability to string words together into short sentences. She is in the 93rd percentile for height and 50 percentile for weight.

In other Marissa news, LL bought a two step stool for her to use to get up to wash her hands at the guest bathroom sink upstairs. Immediately Marissa climbed the stairs, pronounced "Ta-da!" and wanted to wash her hands.....which she proceeded to do about a dozen times straight. LL also got a stool of sorts for her to climb up on in the kitchen to watch while we cook.

Finally, as it relates to Marissa, we had a nanny change. Our first nanny, Elvie Delosreyes, left us for full time employment so we were without a nanny for a week. We have a new one though, an Indian woman in her late 50's early 60's named Aisha. Week one was pretty good with her, so we're hopeful!

Last Wednesday I headed down to Orlando with our softball team for the USSSA world series at the Wide World of Sports complex. We also played at the Osceola Complex which are nice fields but not quite as nice. But they are just as hot and have just as much as humidity. We played one game Thursday and won, two games on Friday and won both, two games on Saturday (possibly the first time we've made it to Saturday) and lost both. The first game was against a team from Syracuse, the second against a chirpy team from Las Vegas and the third against a team from Illinois whom we run into fairly often. In fact, about 4 guys on their team were on our team last year, but they weren't team players. It felt good to beat them by a bundle (20-10). For the tournament I was 5-9, but was 3-4 on Saturday and my only out was on a line drive that the first baseman snagged. Being 48, being married with one little gal and another youngster on the way, it could be my last time down there. You never know.

By the way, the Comfort Inn's on Irlo Bronson Hwy are terrible. Don't stay at either one. Also, the Budget car rental place is close to the baggage claim. If you go with someone else, Alamo is good but don't do Dollar....not enough people working.

I'm writing this while watching the Bears play the 49ers in game two of the season. At our first game, we had almost 30 people at the tailgate and it was a beautiful least until we lost the game in OT to the lowly Bills of Buffalo. We were down 10 points at half, tied it up by the end of the third and blew it going down the stretch. Our special teams and offense have put us in a 17-7 hole tonight at half-time.

As usual, lots of things going on with lots of thoughts, but not enough time to put them down. Maybe things will change with the cooler weather.


alexis said...

oh wow, I didn't realize you guys had a nanny! I guess that's easier than a creche?

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Yeah, it may work out similar in cost but we don't have to take her anywhere or pick her up. Since we work from home we can see her throughout the day. Plus we have total control over the caregiver. Oh, and the lack of germs is a big plus!

Michael Podolny said...

It is pretty amazing how much they change going from one year to two years old...from baby to little persons.