Friday, September 19, 2014

Caught ya by surprise!

Another entry! And I didn't even wait a month! Why??? Lots going on, that's why and I just wanted to document a few things so I have a frame of reference when baby #2 comes around.

Marissa is starting to use a spoon! Sure, she still dumps a ton of it on the floor (particularly when she's trying to share with you) but quite often she gets it right and feeds herself. Very cool to see. We sort of take the whole scoop, balance to mouth and eat thing for granted, much less having the spoon turned the right way!!

She's also climbing on everything now as we got her a two step stool for washing her hands and an adjustable platform for by the kitchen counter so she can get up there and watch us cook. She also is walking a ton of course and has been for a while, but today for instance we walked down to Starbucks instead of me putting her in a stroller. That's a first. LL has walked around the block with her, but this was her first trip with me. Yay me!!

LL has made available to Marissa on her iPad all of these videos about different things like "Potty Time" and such that star a woman who is very energetic and does sign language to all the songs she sings. Now Marissa knows "Stop, and Go Potty" meaning stop what you're doing and go to the bathroom. Of course she still has her diaper on, but it's a start. She's been very good about letting us know when she needs changed by simply telling us instead of crying. I have to say, it's one of my favorite developments.

And now for some softball pics from Orlando:

Here's the team at the entrance to the Wide World of Sports complex.

Prior to the WW of Sports, you enter Disney!

And this is just part of where we walk on our way to the fields.

The one picture of me actually hitting.

Me at third.

And me actually READY at third. Ha!


alexis said...

wow, and #2 on the way

terri said...

Stories of Marissa but no pictures? What's the deal? ;-)

She is really growing up quickly isn't she?

Softball in Florida. Fun stuff. Glad to see that becoming a parent hasn't slowed you down in doing the things you love to do.