Monday, August 25, 2014

Whoaaaaa whoaaaa, we're half way there, whoaa-whoaaa, living on a prayer

A rare follow up post!!

Yesterday LL was halfway to our January 11th due date. Yay!! Ultrasound tomorrow morning.

Now, on to Marissa cuteness. LL took Marissa to a funeral this weekend in Michigan for LL's aunt. I stayed behind due to a softball tournament on Saturday (7 games) and my aunt and uncle from D.C. were in town for a visit. But I digress. LL was at the funeral with Marissa and there were several wonderful eulogies that brought a tear or two to LL's eyes. Marissa gave her a hug and said "Mommy cry." "Pat, pat, pat." as she patted LL while hugging her. I would not have expected that kind of sympathy from a 17 month old, but there it was.

And it seems like Marissa is much taller and even smarter in just the two or three days we were apart. When I came up at lunch today, she saw me from the kitchen and came running to me with just a gloriously celebratory look on her face and shouting "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!".  She gave me a hug, a pat and then said, "Daddy match. Daddy match." Which means she wants me to sit with her and play a match game similar to Concentration if you remember that game. Preferring disorder to order, she normally takes any matches I find and mixes them back up with the other cards. If she doesn't ask me to play Match, she runs to get a ball to throw and kick. Why? Because she knows what I like to do!!

Two more things from Sunday. When LL and Marissa got home from Michigan on Sunday, Marissa did not believe I was not home.  She kept saying "Daddy down? Daddy down?" thinking I was downstairs. When LL finally took her downstairs to prove to her that I wasn't there, she said "Daddy coffee?" A good guess on her part.

Last night she woke up very unhappy about 3 hours after going to bed and we thought she might have a dirty diaper or something. So I went in to settle her down and change her if necessary. As I reached into the crib to calm her, she said "Rock a little." She wanted me to hold her and rock her in our lounge chair. Just adorable. I also asked her if she had a dirty diaper and she said "Change." Just too freaking cute.

Finally, today, our nanny (who is leaving us for a full time gig in the next few days) said that she asked Marissa what her name was and started saying "Marissa" and then Marissa said "Sutton!".

She's adorable and smart!

A "fail" on the swimsuit life preserver.

LL, aunt Linda and a fingernail chewing Marissa. Need to break that habit. Thanks mom!

Reading with uncle Chuck.


Bee said...

I can't can such a small child be so empathetic? Oh she is going to be a sensetive soul!

Michael Podolny said...

That is really good communication skill for a 17 month old!