Friday, August 22, 2014

I'm terrible at blogging....

...and I really don't know why. On a daily or almost daily basis I come up with one or two topics to write about, come back to my desk, and then never write. Ugh. It's very frustrating. And it's not just with blogging either. I've had a note on my calendar to call my dentist to talk about her seeing Marissa for about three weeks now. Today I even had the phone number to call written on there. Did I call? Nope. So frustrating. I did make my donation to ALS Chicago though in response to the ice bucket challenge (video on facebook), ran errands (storage unit, grocery store, etc), organized a closet, but didn't make a meaningful post or call the dentist. Ugh.

So on that note, on to pictures!

These are from the golf course in NJ that Joisey Ken and I played on our visit there over the weekend. 

Just a relaxing weekend to meet his new addition and to introduce Marissa in person. On the flight out, Marissa was an angel until the last 15-20 minutes of the trip as we descended and the air pressure and lack of a nap caught up with her. Such wailing and blubbering like you couldn't imagine. Yes, we were THOSE people. I'll never look at THOSE people with disdain again. There's nothing you can do. She wouldn't eat or drink, can't chew gum, it's just brutal. Fortunately we took a later flight on the way back so she had her nap before we left and all was good.

Ken's baby Vivian giving me a very suspicious look. Justified! Ha!

All the girls!! 

Marissa in the sandbox for one of the first times. In general, sand is a no-no.

Marissa in pig tails for the first time. It's taken this long for her hair to grow!

LL and I holding the flag at the Bears/Eagles game. Long story about it, but we got to go onto the field for both preseason games. See videos below.

First tailgate!

#93 is Will Sutton. I WILL have his jersey before the season is out. (did you see what I did there?)

Tailgate #2. Ahhhh, such nice weather for these pre-season games. THAT will change.

On the field for the Bears/Eagles.

On the field for the Bears/Jaguars.


Bee said...

Why is sand a no-no? and does Marissa have enough teeth to see the dentist?

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Oh yeah, she has a mouth full of chompers! Her in the sand means sand in the diaper (inevitably) and sand in the house. So until we decide to hose her down outside, her sand play will be limited.

Michael Podolny said... of THOSE people.

alexis said...

look at that big belly! #2 is due soon right?