Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tough week

It was a tough week for our little angel. On Monday she was running through the house and tripped on the start of the rug in her room and face-planted on a toy, leaving an abrasion on her forehead. Poor girl. Then last night she got up three times in various states of unhappiness. Today was her 15 month checkup (did I mention she turned 15 months yesterday?) which meant two shots (MMR and something else). Nobody likes shots, but especially toddlers. Marissa was happily investigating things in the empty waiting room of her doctor prior to the appointment. Then a few mothers and their children came in and some started filling out forms, some were checking in, the usual. Suddenly Marissa is on the ground after a 3-4 year old boy apparently took three big steps towards her and then shoved her to the ground. Nice freaking kid. They were behind me, otherwise there's no telling what I would have done. LL was there to quickly comfort Marissa, but obviously she's not used to that kind of violent act. The boy's mother was horrified and raced over and grabbed him. She repeatedly tried to get him to apologize to Marissa, but he wasn't budging. It was tough to be around that type of event and not kick someone's ass to be perfectly honest. Fortunately, but for some unknown reason, I kept my cool and that was that. I guess since I didn't see it, I kept waiting for the boy to apologize and recognize it was an accident. LL told me in the office that it was clearly intentional. Ugh. Tough few days for our sweetie.

Here's a video from happier times out in the back yard.


Bee said...

oh God, I am so sorry for my lil' sweetpea! It probably won't be the last time a boy pushes her around, which sucks, but all you can do is teach her to be kind...oh and carry a baseball bat!!!

alexis said...

Oh it's hard to be a new parent at those moments!