Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gassing rats and cooking bacon

So what kind of fun things did you get to do today? My boy Joisey Ken bought a '66 Tbird convertible to flip for a quick profit. That's pretty fun! I couldn't compete, but I was able to gas some rats.

What was that now?

Gas some rats.

Ummmm, come again?

Gas some rats. Okay, I'll explain. There's a rat hole, actually two, in OUR backyard. Of course, they came from our neighbors, but that's little consolation. After seeing them hopping through the backyard on the way to our OTHER neighbors' garbage bin, I decided it was time to get out T-Rex. Unfortunately, the T-Rexes had rusted with age, so I had to go buy new ones. They didn't have them at my local Home Depot, so I went to Menards. Not there either, but they DID have these bad boys:

Poison gas tubes! Yep, you light the fuse on these guys, drop them down the hole (fuse first) and then cover up the hole. The gas comes out, fills the hole, the rats breath it in and die (hopefully). The first one I tried, worked, but didn't as they dug through their second exit hole which I had covered up. So I tried again, but this time put big rocks on top of the holes I could see. We'll see what happens in the morning! By the way, I went to another Home Depot and was able to find more T-Rexes, so they are plan B now. 

Also, lobster tails were on sale, so I picked up a few of them for dinner. Yum. So that was fun too. 

Lastly, my little girl, all of 15 months now, said "Penguin" while playing with a penguin, broccoli while eating broccoli and then climbed up our spiral staircase again, which she can do at will now. She's also taken to coming over to me while I'm eating breakfast and sitting on my lap "reading the paper" and sharing my breakfast with me. So that was pretty fun for me today too!

At her 15  month checkup, she remains in the 75th percentile for height, but dropped to the 50th percentile for weight from the 65th percentile. No big deal, but noteworthy. 

On Father's Day, my second by the way, I wanted to cook bacon dippers. These things looked pretty awesome and were indeed tasty. 

So you start with pancake batter in a long rectangular shape. I used buckwheat flour, but the recipe calls for Bisquick. 

Then you place a cooked piece of bacon on the batter. 

Then drizzle more batter on top. Flip it over like you would a pancake. 

And voila!! Bacon dippers. A tasty breakfast treat!! Dip them in maple syrup and it's just delightful. 


Michael Podolny said...

It must be some sign of the coming end of days when Joe puts step-by-step cooking recipes on his blog.

alexis said...

with photos!