Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Some weekend pics

My posts are infrequent and they probably won't get more frequent anytime soon, but a quick update is in order.

Real estate work is going well and I spent a few hours on Saturday showing a first time home buyer four homes that met her specifications. She's a friend of a few friends, so she was okay to work with. I'm not interested in working with too many people I don't know.  A guy I played softball with is looking for an apartment downtown for him and his girlfriend and we went to look at a place the other day as well. They are going to check out a few places on the 9th of June and then make a decision. As a broker you don't make much at all on apartments, so it's worth even LESS of my time, but I'm trying to help them out so it's all good.

Marissa is more and more awesome everyday. She loves Skyping with "Gammaw", which encompass both grandma and grandpa. She even tries to kiss them through the's really adorable. She's starting to repeat things that we say as well. The other day Laura asked me to do something and I said "Oh yeah, sure, sure." Marissa said "sure, sure" about 5 times. Ha! She's hauling all over the condo and it's a lot of fun to watch. She loves to "crash" on our bed, which is where we pick her up and gently drop her on the pillows. "Crash" gets transferred to other times she falls down though, which is also funny. Eating is not a problem for this little one which is great. She'll try pretty much anything and if she doesn't try it today, she'll probably try it tomorrow or after she sees you eating it. Pretty awesome.  As I recall, we bought very little "baby food" in jars and such. She went from breast milk to real food fairly quickly.

Time for pictures!

Her new car that emulates the cars in the park across the street from us. She loves to drive!

Her first trip to the "pool" and granny's house. We're thinking that if she likes the water, I may start taking her to swimming classes at my gym. Good father/daughter time!

She got used to the water OUTSIDE the pool first. Ha!


Alrighty then!

And of course the big towel afterwards.

Not much going on here, just a video of her walking around the Belmont Harbor park on a nice sunny day. 


Bee said...

oh my God, her adorableness is neverending! I am so lucky to be her auntie.

alexis said...

holy crap she is getting so big!! And so cute. :)

terri said...

The cuteness! I love it.

Those little red and yellow cars are great. They haven't changed much. My kids all had them too.