Tuesday, May 06, 2014

KC, here we come....and go I guess.

Last weekend, LL, Marissa and I went to Kansas City to visit with LL's brother and his family. We flew out Friday afternoon and returned Monday morning. In between the flights, it was a whirlwind of activity! Great fun and lots of eating.

It started with KC barbecue at the house upon our arrival, which was awesome. Lots of catching up and drinking, followed by a morning of coffee and cronuts (awesome if you haven't had them). Then it was off to the Royals baseball game in time for batting practice and a trip to the field! LL's niece was given a bat by the Royals third baseman, Mike Moustakas, and he even autographed it for her.

We were right down on the track as you can see from the pics.

Then we went on a stadium tour. Here are the lineups and the umps.

The TV booth. Had to take a picture of the cough button. Ha!

The KC P&L suite!

Marissa's cousin helping her get a drink of water. 

On my walk around the stadium, I found this hot dog stand. Nice!

The Royals hall of fame in left field was pretty interesting actually. 

Has to have a George Brett exhibit of course!

The World Series trophy. 

From behind the fountains in the outfield. 

If we didn't want to sit in the suite, we could sit here in the first row behind the Tiger's dugout. Unfortunately, with little Marissa (who wanted to run around) we couldn't stay down there for more than a few innings. I also had to be prepared to dive in front of her and LL in case a line drive or even bat was headed our way. Not a pretty thought. 

So then in the 7th inning or so, a guy comes up with two bases.  One of them is for me! Second base for the first four innings. 

Genuine Royals base!! Yes, I was able to get it home on the plane by carrying it on. 

The last triple crown winner, Miguel Cabrera standing on my base.

Eric Hosmer standing on my base too.

Tomorrow, hopefully, more pics!


alexis said...

wow, that's quite a the royal baseball experience!

Michael Podolny said...

That's pretty wild...getting an actual base!

terri said...

Wow, you got really up close and personal with the team and stadium! And getting your own base? Very cool!