Monday, November 04, 2013

Wood cutting weekend

It was a busy weekend for me with the annual trip up to Ricardo's cabin for wood cutting weekend. Each year we go up there (about 30 minutes north of Madison), find dead trees, cut them up, split them so they can dry for the NEXT year's winter. This year we took down about the equivalent of eight trees or so. It seemed like a lot more than usual, but I think it was just harder than usual to get the trees to where we could work with them. 

Here are the pics!

Markakis chainsawing away on one of the trees. We grouped a bunch of them in this clearing up the yard from the house. 

We filled this trailer 1 1/2 times. 

Markakis (aka Nick) wanted a picture for his new girlfriend. Sap. 

I think this picture was what we split on Friday. 

Here's the end result. Not too shabby. 

So of course we had to be rewarded! This was Friday night's casualties.

And rewarded some more. This was after we finished on Sunday (just in time for kickoff of the noon games in fact!).

And the sunset on another productive woodcutting weekend. If you can blow this picture up, you can see the sun shining on the valley in the background. Very cool.


Michael Podolny said...

Wow, that just looks like a lot of hard work. Ricardo is fortunate to have friends who he can get working like illegals for just booze payment :)

alexis said...

that being said, that is a lot of booze!