Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Finally, another update!

Okay, I have no time for a post, but just can't be going for weeks on end without creating one, so I'm making time.

ESDNM was in town the latter half of last week and upon his departure, I started prepping for the Bears game on Sunday.  ESDNM's visit went well, though again, I ate too much food. I think the problem isn't dinner, but lunch. Normally I have a fairly healthy and small lunch (as does ESDNM), but when we get together, bad things happen (like The Bagel and Penny's Noodles). Oh well, it's still worth it.

Then came Sunday. Oh man, what a day. The Bears lost on the last play of the game, essentially, but other than that it was outstanding. The weather was in the upper 40's and we had 25 people at our tailgate. Yes, 25. That's an insane number. It was great though and I can only begin to tell you the food we had, which I'm only going to mention the chili. First chili of the year at the game and I added something new this year: chipotle peppers! Deliciously spicy. Not a ton of them mind you, just a few. Next time it will be a few more. Last year I added the brown sugar and this year chipotle peppers. Nice!

Here are two pics. Look at that sky! It rained and then turned to snow on Monday. Whew, missed it by a day. And yes, that's my brother-in-law wearing a Lions jersey. My sister is next to him. 

Monday I had my doctors appointment, finally, for my potential hernia. Turns out they are pretty sure it's NOT a hernia, but instead just a strained muscle or strained group of muscles in my core. So he's recommending ibuprofen therapy, rest or aerobic activity but no weight lifting. That's going to be tough! Oh, and they weighed me at the office and said I was 198!! Holy crap! This morning though I was 188, so I'm okay again. Whew.

Little Marissa is 8 months old now!! Still adorable! She's not quite crawling yet, but is close. She's also starting to chew on some solid foods now. It's fun having her at the dinner table with us.

In this last one she has a carrot in her hand/mouth.


alexis said...

how long does it take to do the dishes after a 25 person tailgate??

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Fortunately the only cleaning up is the grill and then wiping down the table and cooler. Dishes are all pitched. No being green at a football game!

Michael Podolny said...

When does Marissa start going to tailgates?