Monday, November 18, 2013

Crazy Weather, Crazy Week

Another crazy week goes by without a post. Sigh. Well, here we go! 

Last weekend was the Bears/Lions game and this week it was the Bears/Ravens. If you look at the last entry, you'll notice a distinctly different weather outlook. The weather was nuts on Sunday, but it was fine for tailgating, 60 degrees+ though blustery. While I knew there was the possibility of rain and wind, little did I know that what was coming was much worse. 

When friends and family starting texting and calling me to "be safe", I should have become slightly worried. I wasn't though and there wasn't any rain until just about kick-off. 

And boy did it rain. For the first time ever for me, we were evacuated from our seats to the concourse. It certainly looked ominous at the start of the game, but again, what's a little rain?

Well, it was a LOT of rain. And lighting. And wind. Yeah, it was a typhoon.

This isn't our crew, but it gives you an idea of what the two hour delay was like. Fortunately, I was with friends and the beer was flowing. Seemed only like 45 minutes or so. Ha!

And this was what it looked like afterwards. Unfortunately it was even windier and about 30 degrees colder.

And this is part of the devastation down south of us about 90 minutes.

Look at this tornado swath!!

Sandwiched in between the Bears' games was a Blackhawks' game! We were back in our seats in the second row in 303 on the aisle. Great seats. It was replica ring night and while we didn't know, we got in before they ran out. After being inside for only about 5 minutes, we had two people come up to offer us money for our rings. One guy offered $40, but we turned him down. They are going for $60-$125 on Ebay!!

No post would be complete without a picture or two of our little 8 month old angel. 

Oh, and we had to do some baby proofing for when Marissa starts crawling. This week we got radiator covers and fenced off the spiral staircase. Next up: cabinet door latches.  


alexis said...

that's quite a storm!

terri said...

That weather gives new meaning to the term "die hard sports fan!" Glad you stayed safe. Looks like some others didn't fare quite as well.

Marissa's growing up SO fast! I love that you share pictures here so we can all follow along. She's adorable as always!