Monday, December 17, 2012


Whoa, another long drought between posts. Ugh. So tough during the holidays with everything going on. Thursday night we saw Jeff Garlin do stand up and he was okay. I found him funnier than LL did, but we both liked the theater a lot. We were in row C after having bought the $25 tickets rather late and we really were in the third row. Though we were on the side, we were so close it didn't matter. Very awesome. Good to know for future shows: neither of us had ever been to Steppenwolf!!

Friday night we had my client's, and good friend's, company party at a swank restaurant, Belly Q. Silly name right? But the place was PACKED and NOT cheap. The location is where Jordan's restaurant used to be: One Sixtyblue. Jordan actually teamed up with a chef on this Asian BBQ concept. Interesting. The food was pretty good I have to say. I had the pork chop and it had to be 3" thick, which of course led it to not being cooked as thoroughly as I like, but I survived. Afterwards, karaoke was in order! They reserved two rooms that connected so we had appetizers and drinks in one room, ate in the other and then came back to the first for karaoke. Good times. It's a smaller company, so there was maybe 25 people there or so.

Saturday morning, I drove LL to the airport (very early unfortunately) so she could go visit her sister and new nephew for a few days. On Sunday, the Bears played at home against the Packers so I couldn't join her. The rest of the day I shopped and cooked and prepared for the tailgate early Sunday morning. The weather wasn't too bad and it was fun, though most likely our last home game of the year.

LL was supposed to come home tonight, but weather has stranded her in D.C. As such, I can write my blog without being harassed about doing so. :-)  It's not her fault though, she just wants me to spend more time with her snuggling. Seems acceptable. Anyway, I'm taking advantage of the time by doing Christmas cards, finally, and wrapping some gifts (still arriving daily).

I now have four pieces of Tupperware that are not mine. Why am I randomly stealing Tupperware? I'm not. People have brought it to my tailgate, when it contains food, and then have no desire to take it home or leave right after the game instead of stopping by to continue tailgating (crazy people and their "lives"). So now I have a bag of Tupperware to return "at a later date" since it's not the cheap stuff.

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alexis said...

one of these days I need to get invited to a tupperware party and see if it really is all that.