Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas tree time

Another crazy week this week with: dinner with neighbors, infant CPR class, Season Ticket Holder Advisory Group meeting for the Bears, Jeff Garlin doing stand-up and a great client party this week. Throw in taking LL's car to get fixed and there's not much time to blog. So here are some pictures of our $17 tree from Home Depot.

The lights are red this year!! We ran out of white lights and the upstairs neighbors have a white light tree in their window. LL did a great job with the decorations.

I HAD the tree looking like this, but LL moved the Bears helmet to a lower branch.

My favorite ornament though!


Michael Podolny said...

You're so sentimental :)

What is it with women. The Bear's ornament was perfect.

terri said...

$17 bucks? Very nice!

I'm with LL. A Bears helmet is no substitute for a Christmas angel!