Saturday, December 06, 2014

No excuses!

Finally an update to what seems to now be my once a month blog. Life just gets busy right? And it's about to get a whole lot busier with baby number two due in a month. So many things to talk about with the Ferguson shooting, the chokeholding cop in NY and then subsequent protests and riots around the country. I COULD talk about those things, probably without end, but I've done so on Facebook already and the topics bore me now. In a nutshell though, if you want freedom of assembly and freedom of speech, then you have to take the legal system with it including grand juries and the police. On the whole, they do a decent job....not in Chicago of course, but in other parts of the country. So how about this, avoid the situation entirely by not robbing stores or selling things illegally to minors to begin with?  Then, if you ARE caught, how about not resisting arrest? Just seems to make sense to me.

On to happier topics! My little angel continues to just be more and more awesome every day. It really is amazing. 

Here she is with her Christmas tree. LL used pipe cleaners bent into a circle as hooks for the ornaments so Marissa can fit them around a branch. Pretty awesome. 

We went to KC for Thanksgiving, the second time in my LIFE that I haven't been home with my parents for Thanksgiving day. It was a compromise, but fun. We traveled 11 hours (normally an 8-9 hour drive) on Wednesday so we were there all day Thursday.  On Friday night we had a wedding (LL's cousin) which was the reason for the trip. On Thursday night they light up Christmas lights on buildings around a plaza and it's a big celebration. I was allowed up on stage to throw nick nacks out to the crowd. Do you see the cameraman in the picture below? I was pelting him with little squishy baseballs! Ha! His producer had to stand next to him and protect him from me. It was awesome. 

Marissa in her wedding attire! 

The three of us. Yay!

Pre-trip Marissa. 

Marissa having breakfast at LL's parents' house. She was very happy that morning!

My buddies Sausage and Benny Baseball at a Bears game. Winter came early this year, pretty much on Veterans Day, but snow hasn't accumulated yet. C'mon green Christmas!!!

Amy and Nick at another tailgate. Not sure which game.....

Me getting my free signed min-helmet from Brendan. He works for the Bears in the ticket and operations area. Great guy. When he saw my name on the list of people to get these helmets, he brought it up himself. 

And finally, our little fella at 32 weeks I believe. You go boy!! I feel him moving around in LL's tummy all the time. Pretty cool. Not as cool is seeing him move. That's a little creepy.


alexis said...
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Michael Podolny said...

Driving on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is never a pleasant experience. Nor is flying. It's why I try to not go anywhere on Thanksgiving out of town if I can avoid it.