Sunday, December 14, 2014

Facebook Redux

I've been updating my Facebook page with all sorts of good info on our NEW SON!! Yep, 5 weeks early. So here are my posts:

December 7:
Well, I hope this is false labor, but at 35 weeks, the little fella may be coming!

— with Laura Caisley Sutton at Northwestern - Prentice Women's Hospital.

December 8

Proud papa!!!

Minor set back with the little fella. His oxygen levels were low so he's been moved to the NICU for some saturation. Too early to tell if there are any serious issues. 

At this point we didn't know the extent of his issues. Turns out his lungs needed some help for a few days at least and they had to make sure there was no infection.

  • So the intubation and application of medicine helped a great deal and his oxygen level is at 21%, that of normal 
  • air. A great first step. Need to keep it there over the next 24 hours.

His blood gas and blood sugar levels are good and they reduced the air pressure pushing into his lungs again. He's 

responding really, really well. Laura and I are able to go see and touch him, though we can't pick him up yet. If he continues

 at this pace then they may only intubate him for 12 hours instead of 24. All the prayers and good thoughts (and medicine) 

are working!! Thanks!

So no update yet on our little fella. Actually I have SOME info, but want to wait until the morning doctor rounds to provide more info.

Alright, here's the latest: our big guy was ex-tubated! So he had a tube going down his throat to his lungs so medicine could be put down there to help him breathe. He only needed the one dose but they keep the tube in for 24 hours in case he needs some a second dose. No need! He's breathing fine and now is much more comfortable. ETA on coming home is still probably the end of the week depending on eating and such. The doctor specified he is NOT a sick baby, just early. So a very good doc visit!

We have a name! T.D. Sutton. Thomas Donald. My father and Laura's fathers names.

The latest on TD: looks great and is more and more responsive to stimulus. Loves the skin to skin contact with his parents. Breathing a bit fast still. They are upping his food intake today, possibly twice. Deciding in the next hour if he has to stay at least 5 more days or not. If he needs antibiotics because of a concern over pneumonia, then he'll be on them for another 5 days which means he's here at least that long. If they decide pneumonia is not the reason he's breathing fast, then he'll be able to come home sooner if his breathing slows to a normal range.

  • So the doc checked in after looking at Tommy's x-rays. She can't for sure determine if the lungs look as they do 
  • because of pneumonia or because he was born early. As such, to be safe, she's going to put him on the 7 day 
  • antibiotic pac, which means another 5 days in the NICU. The only downside is that if he turns out to be happy and 
  • healthy two days from now, we won't be able to take him home until the 5th day. We felt it's probably the right move, 
  • despite our desire to hold him and hug him all day at home.

Today's update from the NICU: Thomas Donald had a good night and a good day as well. His food intake was increased and his breathing support was reduced. Two wins in one day!! Mama and granny were here for a good chunk of the day and I'm going to hold him for about an hour or so until it's feeding time. Speaking of which, many thanks to Joisey Ken and Dawn Hancock for buying us dinner tonight (from Sappori Tratoria) as we have no groceries in the house right now and Marissa has to catch her meals.

Status update for TD on Friday: he had another good night and his feeds are being increased to 30ccs, double yesterday morning's level. Apparently he is hungry and somewhat agitated when he wakes up because he wants more food....a very good sign! As for breathing, he's been reduced to a high flow nasal cannula, another reduction in air support. He's starting at 4 liters of air flow and when he gets to 2 liters, he can start breast feeding. So all positive news to start the weekend!! Thanks for everyone's well wishes, good thoughts and prayers.

Christmas tree a week after purchase. Such is our hectic life right now!

Saturday update for TD: another great night! His OG tube was replaced with an NG tube and if you know what that means and are not a nurse, stop getting sick so much!! Basically a really thin tube to release air from the stomach and is used for feeding was moved from his mouth to his nose and is much more comfortable. Feedings are going up 33% and the really big news: taking off the cannula today! Yep, going to give the lungs a shot on their own. Big day for the little fella!!

So that catches you up to yesterday!!

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oh my goodness. Here is hoping you will all be home safe and sound soon as a family!