Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Random Picture Day

The next three days are pretty packed with ESDNM in town and mucho client work to do. So with my mind stuck on work things, here are some pictures:

The Punke clan at the bowling alley for their company party. L to R is: Jonathon, Jessica, Sara, Doug Jr. and Doug Sr. They sit next to me at the Bears games and we tailgate together.

Another Punke picture but this one has Jr's best man in the picture and their friend Ted (far right). Ted's a little odd and sang "My Ding-a-Ling" during the karaoke portion of the evening. Sr got a kick out of me saying that he could NOT sing that song in my neighborhood. No sir.

LL bowling on lane one. She was a good sport about the long drive and ended up having fun!

This past weekend at the tailgate were: Andy (AKA Sausage), Blind Mender (sporting his www.conversextion.com t-shirt) and Nick (AKA Markakis or dumb dego.....his last name is not Markakis but he is Italian.....it's complicated). Oh and Mr. Heater. We didn't need the heater to start, but it got pretty chilly later on!

It was Jessica's birthday and Sr asked me to get a cake. Instead of that, I had a local restaurant owner make me "Birthday Cupcakes" instead! One letter per cupcake and in Bears colors. Awesome.

Our first party of the holiday season! Very swank!

The old-timey club ceiling.

An odd picture. It's not a Fibonacci sequence, but I enjoyed it. Look it up.

A recently posted picture of our opening day tailgate. I'm going to look back at this in January too. Wow was the weather nice!!!


terri said...

Love the old-timey ceiling.

And this is the second time in about a week I've seen reference to Fibonacci sequence. And I'd never heard of it before last week.

alexis said...

I am already missing that nice weather!

el supremo de nm said...

Definitely a swank looking place.