Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Some more catch-up photos for your enjoyment. I am going to Joliet to LL's parents' house and then to my folks on Christmas Day, so I won't be writing again until Monday. Merry Christmas!!

From the last tailgate of the year. Let's see who all is here: Leah (girlfriend of Jack), Markakis (aka Nick), Blind Mender, Jack, Jack's brother Tim (also a softball teammate along with Jack), Marek (the son of a friend) and his girlfriend. Of course front and center is Mr. Heater!

Snapped this picture in a parking lot. Antlers....ha!! Today I saw a car with candy canes instead. Very fun.

Christmas tree pictures!!! In the natural light and lit up at night. Yes, there are TWO Bears ornaments....can you find them?

The Eastlake Studio crew at their company Christmas party. They are one of my clients and the party was at one of the owner's home (father of Marek from above). Can't remember why we had those on.....I'm sure there was a reason.

During the Yankee Gift Swap. It was pretty funny. Lots of crazy gifts.

One of the owners, Jon and his wife Stacey.

The owners opening their gifts from the staff....whatever they were they were not as good as iPads.

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el supremo de nm said...

Cheap employees - Fire Them!

I'm sure the crowns had to do with drinking.