Friday, July 03, 2015

Just a short post

A lot less to catch up on with this entry, but still, there's much going on!

Thomas had two milestones in the last week: saying dada and rolling over and back on his own. Oh, three things! He said mama the other day too. Big things going on with that young man. I may start calling him Thumper as a nickname because he loves to raise his legs and thump them down on the bed to make noise. It's kind of hysterical.....except when it's 3 a.m.

Marissa continues to be more and more awesome every day. Lately she's been more and more obsessed with Frozen, as most little girls have been the last few years. Her new thing is to to put her Elsa and Anna dress on over her pajamas and say "Don't touch me!! You'll be frozen!" It's super cute, but I don't like missing out on hugs. :-(

Funny story, when I tried to take him OUT of this sit up thingy, his thighs got stuck. Ha! Our little Buddha.

 Future real estate broker possibly.

Like father like son!

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